Our community center in South Mitcham, a region that faces economic challenges and social disparities. Our center stands as a beacon of hope, providing a vital space for educational programs, skill-building workshops, and a hub for social interaction.

Your generous donations will directly impact the lives of our neighbors, enabling us to maintain and enhance the facilities, offer more educational opportunities, and create a nurturing environment for personal and community development.

If you want to donate items, please contact the office first as there are many items that we are not able to take such as soft toys and furnishings, electrical items, clothing etc.

Please consider making a donation today and join us in fostering positive change.


Maintenance and Renovations
Donations will maintain and enhance the community center's infrastructure, creating a safe and inviting space.

Educational Programs

Funds will support after-school programs, tutoring, and workshops to empower the community with valuable skills and knowledge.

Resource Expansion

Contributions will acquire educational materials and technology, improving access to resources for community members of all ages.

Community Outreach

Donations will facilitate outreach programs and engagement initiatives to address specific needs within the local community.

Social Services

Some funds will provide counseling, mental health programs, and assistance for families facing economic challenges.

Youth and Recreation Activities

Donations will support recreational activities, sports programs, and events to promote a healthy and inclusive lifestyle for young individuals.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Contributions will enhance the community center's accessibility, ensuring it is welcoming and inclusive for individuals with diverse needs.

Technology and Connectivity

Donations will bridge the digital divide by providing technology resources and workshops, enabling community members to participate in the digital world.



You can make a donation by sending us a cheque made payable to

'South Mitcham Community Association'.

South Mitcham Community Association
Cobham Court, Haslemere Avenue,
Surrey, Croydon, CR4 3PR